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Apply now to start or further your fashion career with professional talent representation, career and portfolio management, media marketing and promotion, and professional mentoring.

Notice to Model Applicants:
Please read this page in its entirety before submitting a Model Talent Application. Completion of the Model Talent Application is not a guarantee of hire / acceptance / join / invitation / or other contractual relationship between you and the agency or any other entity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many typical models’ questions are answered on the Frequently Asked Questions page. Review these F.A.Q.s before contacting us.

Application Submission Guidelines

Please follow all the Application Submission Guidelines when completing your Model Talent Application.

Application Terms and Conditions

Regardless of the quality of your application submission, you must agree to the terms and conditions of the Model Talent Application to be considered for an invitation to join HM MODELs. Your submission of the online Model Talent Application, or an application by any other means, registers your consent to the Application Terms & Conditions.

Our Privacy Policy

To complete your model talent application, we must collect certain information about you. Your submission of the online Model Talent Application, or application by any other means, registers your acknowledgement of our Privacy Policy.

Thank you for your interest in Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management.

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