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HM MODEL Central is for current HM MODELs only. Information may not apply to other models.

Open calls listed here are only available to HM MODELs. If you are not an HM MODEL and would like to be considered for an open call listed here, please complete a new Model Talent Application. Current HM MODELs interested in an open call should contact their assigned agent.

Current Open Call

Model for Midwest Designer, GSyndicates

Attention Agents and Models: We currently have an open call for male and female models to work as social media influencers, fashion bloggers, and brand ambassadors for GSyndicates. These are paid and or commission-based opportunities. All models receive free merchandise!

About The Client

GSyndicates is a mode forward fashion hybrid combining skin care, jewelry, bags, apparel, shoes, and custom tailored apparel to form a one-stop source for all of your fashion needs. GSyndicates is about more than the clothes you wear. Their motto is, “The look you’ve been looking for.” GSyndicates hires models in the following categories:

  • All Ethnicities and Nationalities
  • Age(s):  18 & Up
  • Height for Women:  Women: 5’7” – 6’3” 
  • Height for Men: 5′8” – 6’5″

To work for this client, you must be an HM MODEL. To apply for our quality model management and promotion services including representation to aid your career for the purpose of professional modeling, please complete the Model Talent Application.

Apply now to start or further your fashion career with professional talent representation, model and portfolio management, media marketing and promotion, and career mentoring.