HM MODEL Central

Welcome HM MODELS!

HM MODELS Central is a subscription based resource for current HM MODELs (fee waived) and aspiring models. Subscribers get access to HM MODEL University beginning October 2021. Some information may only apply to HM MOIDELS. New and established HM MODELs should visit this page often for tools to grow a modeling career with HM MODEL Talent Management.

For a limited time, HM MODELS Central Subscription is available for just $99.95 a month! ($1,199.40 annual subscription, billed in 12 equal payments. Renews until cancelled.)

If you are a model agent or agency looking for talent, please log in to search for talent. If you are an unrepresented model looking for representation, please complete read our Notice to Applicants.

Attention HM MODELs:

A re-launch of our agency is in progress. We appreciate your patience while we are under construction. To remain eligible for future opportunities, you must complete the revised HM MODEL Talent Application. New model profiles will only be published for models who complete the new HM MODEL Talent Application (updated March 18, 2021). Thank you for working with Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management.

NOTE: Current and prior HM MODELs hired before January 2021 who complete the revised HM MODEL Talent Application will be fast-tracked to current HM MODEL status.

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