Model Talent Application

Model Talent Application

Attention! Please read the Notice to Model Applicants before applying. The information you submit will be reviewed. There is no guarantee that a review of your application will result in professional representation. Completing this application is not a guarantee of hire / acceptance / join / invitation / or other contractual relationship between you and the agency or any other entity.

Welcome to Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management (HM MTMGMT). We are a full-service, online modeling agency and core division of Haute Midwest Enterprises. Learn more about us.

We have opportunities for men and women ages 18 and above. For quality model management and promotion services including representation to aid your career for the purpose of professional modeling, complete the Model Talent Application at this site.

There is no fee to submit your application. There is also no guarantee that you will become a paid, professional model. You will not be paid for submitting an application.

Be sure to read the F.A.Q.s for information on submission wait times and answers to frequently asked questions. If you are unable to print the “Message Sent” summary, you will need to wait 2 to 4 weeks for your application to be processed, in order to receive a confirmation.

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After you click the Submit button on the application, a summary of the information you entered displays in place of the application. At the top of this information, the words “Message Sent” display. This is your confirmation that the application was delivered. Please print this page for your records.

If you do not have an accurate answer for any “required” field on the online form at the Web address indicated above, please enter “N/A” or “Not Applicable” in the response field. Leaving a required field blank will prevent you from submitting your application.

Submit your name and email address to receive a link to begin your application.