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Haute Midwest MODELS Talent MANAGEMENT

Apply now to start or further your fashion career with professional talent representation, career and portfolio management, media marketing and promotion, and professional mentoring.

Attention Agents and Models: We currently have an open call for men and women to work as models, social media influencers, fashion bloggers, and brand ambassadors for GSyndicates (formerly GSIA). These are paid opportunities. To work for this client, you must be an HM MODEL. View the open call.

About HM MODEL Talent Management

Haute Midwest MODEL Talent Management (HM MTMGMT) is a full-service, online modeling agency and fundamental member of the GSyndicates Family of Fashion and Media Products and Services (gsyndicates.com). We offer professional talent representation, portfolio creation and management, professional promotion, and career mentoring.

HM MODEL Services

HM MODELs have access to our quality model management and promotion services including photography, portfolio management, career services, and agent representation for the purpose of professional modeling.


Your image is your client’s first impression. It could be the difference between booking a photo shoot and never getting a callback. You do not have to worry about how to get photos for your portfolio and more. We provide professional photography for you.

This Could Be You!

You have the look. Capturing your best moments is what we do best. For go sees and digital castings, HM MODELS will help you develop and manage your portfolio to increase your possibilities of contract opportunities for your talent.

Career Services

We want you to have a positive experience with HM MODELs. That is why we not only provide you with industry standard work opportunities, we also help you market your skills to a broader client base. We succeed only when you do first.

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